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A little bit of us...

Planet Air Aviation is a Part 135 Operator under the (FAA) code of federal regulations, which means we can offer on-demand pick up and drop off of passengers in different locations around Puerto Rico and surrounding islands. If you are looking for a charter, tour, or even a flight training in the Caribbean region, we are your answer. Planet Air brings years of experience flying helicopters.

We believe in impeccable and thorough aircraft maintenance. Safety is the foundation of our business. The cumulative aviation and helicopter industry experience of our pilots and ground crew, assures you the highest level of professionalism for any of our services that you choose.

We love to share our passion of flying

We offer you breathtaking tours... ...personalized helicopter tour of Puerto Rico, you and your companions will see all of the best sights of the Isle of Enchantment from a completely new vantage point. Come have an experience of a lifetime!! Choose from one of our tours or create your own custom, private helicopter charter that can be personalized to your needs. Either way we think you will fall in love with not only our beautiful island but possibly you will join us in our passion for flying. Our customer service team is waiting for your call!

Safety first

Your safety is our first priority! Planet Air Aviation staff is committed to a culture of safety and on this we do not compromise. We do everything we can to accommodate all requests but your safety comes first. Soar over the (787) and experience the thrill and beauty, all while knowing that we have stringent guidelines in place, to make every aspect of your flight a success. We believe that we are the company to trust for your charter, tour, aerial survey, or other commercial air services.

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